South Africa Steel Fabrication, Steel Structures & Project Management

Titan Steel Structures is a proudly South African company with branches in Cato Ridge and Hillcrest.

Titan Steel Structures has been in the steel fabrication and erection industry since January 2004. The companies has 14 years experience and is testament to the quality and customer satisfaction in our products.

Our product designs are of the highest quality and standard, where safety benchmarks are of paramount importance and strictly adhered to in terms of the construction process.

In addition to the above mentioned, we at Titan Steel Structures constantly strive to innovate and design structures for our clients at the most competitive prices.

Titan Steel Structures have a wide range of use in industry, agriculture, mining, aviation and retail.

Titan Steel Structures are steel structure fabrication and erection specialists in South Africa.

We provide a complete turnkey solution when working on structural steel projects taking care of everything from the design of all structural components, detailing and production of fabrication and erection drawings, to the final fabrication and erection.

Titan Steel Structures are also are leaders in the supply, delivery and installation of roof sheeting, side cladding, insulation, flashings, ventilation and rainwater goods for our projects throughout Southern Africa. 

We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structures for a wide variety of uses, including agriculture, industrial and commercial, churches and schools.

Our prefabricated steel buildings are designed, fabricated and installed taking price, time frame and desired outcomes into account. 


10m x 30m x 4.5m/high - R 125 000,00 Excl Vat
10m x 30m x 6.0m/high - R 135 000,00 Excl Vat
12m x 30m x 4.5m/high - R 144 000,00 Excl Vat
12m x 30m x 6.0m/high - R 162 000,00 Excl Vat
15m x 30m x 4.5m/high - R 180 000,00 Excl Vat
15m x 30m x 6.0m/high - R 202 500,00 Excl Vat
20m x 30m x 4.5m/high - R 240 000,00 Excl Vat
20m x 30m x 6.0m/high - R 270 000,00 Excl Vat
25m x 30m x 4.5m/high - R 295 000,00 Excl Vat
25m x 30m x 6.0m/high - R 337 500,00 Excl Vat